How to Get Rid of Dog Hair on Clothes? Step to Step Guides

You will get a variety of ways to remove your dog’s hair from the clothes. A good dog owner knows how to get rid of dog hair on clothes.  First of all, you have to start at the very cause of this problem.  Then you can get some emergency tools. They will help you remove your dog’s hair from clothes right on the spot. Your dog naturally sheds fur.

They sometimes shed a lot more during spring or fall.  They have hair because they have an undercoat. After identifying now, you are ready to cope with these things.  You will have no larger pet hair problem if you follow this step. The following article will teach you how to get rid of dog hair on clothes.

How to get rid of dog hair on clothes? Useful Tips

While applying these methods, you can find some of these tools in your home. If you do not have, you can buy them from anywhere especially from online stores. These items do not cost so much. We will help you to learn about How to get rid of dog hair on clothes here. Here is a short list that can significantly assist you with dealing with dog hair.

Using Lint rollers

That is one amongst the most known ways to remove pet hair from clothes. You can use it if you are in a hurry. Use it on any clothes to get rid of the dog fur. They are available in different sizes. You can buy transportable one for your car. You can also buy a bigger size for removing dog hair with one stroke. It contains high-quality adhesives. They are very useful in taking the hair out.

Velcro method

Velcro method is another effective way to removing dog hair from your clothes. So, Velcro strip is available everywhere. You have to select a wide one and you can also buy curlers that are lined with it. You need to use the rougher side of the Velcro. It contains many small hooks. Just run the Velcro softly on the surface of your clothes. All the hairs will get caught on the hooks.

How to get rid of dog hair on clothes

Using gloves

Rubber is good for removing fur or hair stuck on your clothes. They can create static electricity which attracts dog hair. You have to put on a glove and moisten it. It will help you to get the hair shucked with the gloves. You can just buy a pair of gloves. Make sure it has a textured or raised surface. It will help to trap maximum hair without having to press down a lot. Just run your glove with short strokes on the surface of your clothes. You will get those hairs off in no time.

Dryer sheets

These are very important for cope with the dog hair problem. Normally they are for making your clothes smell and feel softer. They will also help you to reduce the static on the surface of the clothes. It means they help release the fur from them. You can use them anytime. You can just rub them on your clothes to remove dog hairs. It will capture the hair more efficiently if you moisten the dryer sheets.

Microfiber cloths

A microfiber cloth will help you get rid of pet hair. It works by attracting the hair with an electrostatic charge. Their fibers will generate static electricity when rubbed. It will act as a magnet to the threads of dog hair. It grabs all the fur instantly. You do not need to exert any efforts to get them on your cloth. Misting them a bit will help you to the hair stick together after removing. There are so many cheap and affordable microfiber cloths available in any online source.

Final Words

Dog hair can really be a big problem, especially for some clothes. Wool attracts them so much. Removing this dog hair from them will be difficult. Here we provided some ways to eliminate the problem. Dogs provide much payback to us. It is not just regarding offering us friendship. They are excellent guards too.

They have a lot of health and psychological advantages for mankind. You will find several tools and materials in the market place. You can use them cope with this problem.  Now, you know all about it. Do you have any question about how to get rid of dog hair on clothes? You can feel free to ask us.

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