How to Measure Suction Power of a Vacuum?

If you are a regular vacuum user, you must have heard about suction power, right? Whether you know what it is, and how does it work, or not, we are going to present a meaningful discussion on power suction. At first, we will talk about the meaning, and later, we will offer some technical information on how to measure the suction power of a vacuum machine. So, let’s start.

What is Suction Power?

How do you see vacuum cleaner? How does it function? Typically, we see that vacuum clear sucks air through the pipe while cleaning. Suction power is the strength with which a vacuum machine does so. The vacuum machine’s motor/engine is responsible for generating suction power. While using a vacuum cleaner, you will see that a tube, or a flattened vessel sucking the air and taking the dust away from the surface. The suction power stays at a high point at the entrance of that vacuum tube or pod. The pressure drops inside the pod to trap the small objects inside the pod. In short, if you put your hand in front of a vacuum tube, the pressure you feel is suction power. As simple as that.

Do you like to live in any dirty place? I bet no one does. That is why you have got to seek out some time from the busy life to clean your surroundings. On that note, the vacuum cleaner is one of the most proficient options, no doubt about that. You may ask, why should you buy a vacuum cleaner? You can clean your house with your hands and a mop of clothes. Well, it still can be filthy and full of dust particles that you cannot see with your bare eyes. So, how can you get rid of such elements if you cannot see them with your eyes? Seems pretty impossible.

This is the situation where vacuum machine has come as an ultimate reliever. It can suck all the little particles of dust and store them inside the pod that you can clean once you are done. Many brands are producing vacuum cleaners nowadays, and all of them have one thing constant which is the suction power.

vacuum Suction Power

How to Measure the Vacuum Suction Power?

We know that still, the power suction term is not quite clear to you. Moreover, we are about to discuss how to measure it; you will find it more confusing. However, do not worry. We will keep our discussion as elaborated as needed to make you understand. Do not get us wrong. This post will surely assist you in understanding power suction and different ways to measure it. So that you can buy the finest vacuum cleaner with top notch performance.

Now, let’s get down and know the approaches to measure suction power.

1.     Cubic feet per minute (CFM)

You see while vacuuming; the air is being sucked all the time through a pipe or pod. The CFM, or Cubic Feet per Minute, is the unit of air sucked in cubic feet in each minute (ft3/min). Apparently, it is the most important and critical approach to measuring power suction of a vacuum machine. You may ask now, why? The main reason is that CFM measurement shows the airflow power which is going into the vacuum by considering the distance of exhaust system and motor power. Fans, filters, bags, are the components of the exhaust system. Always remember, the larger the CFM, the more persuasive the suction power. Not to mention that you will find plenty of vacuum cleaners in the market. However, the majority of them operate in 50-100 CFM range. All the manufacturers note the CFM of the machine in the specification chart.

2.     Water Lift

You will find some other vacuum machine where it shows its power suction through water lift. It is another method of measuring the suction flow. We can measure the suction strength through the water level (H2O) in inches. You will find a fully sealed unit before connecting to a tube of water. You can measure the suction power through the level of water rises. The higher the level, the more powerful is the suction strength.

3.  Air Watts (AW)

There are also some vacuum machines are available where the suction power can be determined by air watts. This term shows some watts that are being used while running the appliance. However, stay careful about that. There are both suction power and motor power. So, make sure you know the vacuum machine’s type while purchasing it. Otherwise, it would be like you are out there in the market to buy a vacuum of CFM but returning with a different kind like AirWatts, water lift.

Any question? We will be right back with a lot more about the vacuum cleaner and suction power. Till then, stay with us.

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